03 August 2015


harapan now..
kite harap kawan kite tu dia baca blog kite.
meskipun dia tak tau ni bloh kite. hahha

tak tau kenapa.
tapi kite nak diye baca.

Dah. babai

.. of my last day serving the school

!5 Julai 2015
Last day kite serve the school, dalam kesibukan nak raya.
Upon that, kite tulis e mel ke seluruh ahli school saying goodbye and thanks them for their continuous support.
Though bukan semua support sangat pun.. heheh

Maka, mai lah e mel-emel dari strong supporters kite thanking and wishing kite good luck at the new department.
Ingat jugak diorang kat kite..
Yang syoknya, bukan orang melayu, tapi Visiting Lecturers/Visiting Professors and only one Malay professor yang sent kite e mail.

Lepas raye, kite dapat kad raya dari Prof Moqim.
Prof Moqim cakap kat kite,
suruh kite simpan bebaik e mail dia..
sebab dia kata see how an outsider appreciate you..
while the locals did not.
It means something, that you been serving to the professional level.
Keep my email nicely.
So that you will remember me and have the courage to serve to your best.

The hard to smile but hansome Prof Moqim

From left, Prof Raja Maznah, Dr Amrita and Prof Nena.
Semua mereka singgah bilik saya and asking whether i am ok or not.. sangat concern..

Here is Prof Moqim's email :

Good morning F:
Thank you for being pleasant and professional. I guess with you gone, no one will encourage me to smile and you and your smiling personality are going to be missed. I am certain you are going to be successful no matter where you are and what you do, but I shall miss your descriptive answers to question I would raise. What do I do with hiring a Graduate Research Assistant? Please communicate the process to the person who replaced you, so we could hire some one soon. Again, thank you very much and please take care of yourself and continue smiling
Prof. Dr. Abdul Moqim Rahmanzai
School of Education & Modern Languages
UUM College of Arts and Sciences
University Utara Malaysia
06010 Sintok
Kedah Darulaman

RE: Multiply a hundredfold
Prof. Dr. Nena P. V
Sent:15 July 2015 14:57

Dear Farhana,

Your sudden turn can be more of a blessing than a freedom to be. 
IN any way, both are positive possibilities and less to say, having 
known you that steadfast and principled, the way ahead is wider and 
clearer for you to explore and move faster.   
Although I will be personally missing you and your endearing ways the most, 
your goodness will remain indelible for me and for my co-visiting fellows.   
My apologies for anything I must have done or have upset you too, b
ut most of all, thank you for touching our lives unconditionally.

Sweet hugs and happy Eid to you and your loved ones. Keep safe always. 
See you real soon again!

All the best,

Hello dear F,
Every time I pass through the office you will be missed greatly. Thank you for being there for all of us.
Have a great Raya. Wishing you and your family
Take care and keep in touch
Our academia lounge lunch is due


Wishing You in your new appointment
Sani Alhaji Garba
You replied on 26/07/2015 09:04.
Sent:21 July 2015 11:09

Assalamun Alaikum Puan F,
It has been a pleasure working with you for the period of my contract. 
I personally respect your personality for you have demonstrated 
high level of professional competency while discharging your duties; 
yet very friendly and polite in your dealings with people. 
I believe you are an asset to the university. i wish you all the best.
Dr. Sani Alhaji Garba

E: Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya
Prof. Dr. Raja Maznah bt. Raja Hussain
You replied on 26/07/2015 09:28.
Sent:15 July 2015 18:25

Dear F,

I wish you all the best in the new place. 
Think of it as a better opportunity for you 
to grow and contribute to the university and the nation.
I do feel sad that we will be missing someone so cheerful at SEML.

May your journey be wonderful and 
may you meet happy people wherever you are. 
Thank you for everything.



Indah bila dapat menyentuh hati orang yang kita serve,
meninggalkan mark dalam hati untuk mereka selalu mngingati kita.

True, i missed them.

Till we meet again somewhere, sometime..

dah dulu.

16 October 2014

Mimpi Sampai Ke Bintang

 Biar mimpi mimpi kita
Jejak sampai ke bintang
Walau harus menggapai awan
Menongkah arus ini

Aku tahu bukan mudah
Tapi mimpi ini harus aku
Tiada gunung yang terlalu tinggi
Tiada laut yang terlalu luas
Tuk mereka memisahkan kita
Dari mimpi-mimpi kita ini

Jangan resah ini takdir
Tuhan mendengarnya
Tuk membawa mimpi-mimpi kita